Everything is music.
No exceptions.

Stepworks turns just about anything into an embeddable digital instrument you can perform with clicks, taps, or keypresses. All you need is Google Sheets.

Step 1: Make a spreadsheet

Use a Google Sheets spreadsheet to help you turn the world into steps.

Open starter spreadsheet

Step 2: Load and play

Make a spreadsheet using the button in Step 1 and then follow the instructions. They’ll lead you back here for more.

Your spreadsheet has been loaded. Try clicking in the box below.


*Didn’t work? Did you choose File > Publish to the Web and click Publish to make your spreadsheet available to Stepworks?

Step 3: Explore stages

Every Stepwork is a combination of a script (your spreadsheet) and a stage that gives it a particular look and feel.

Try a stage for your script

Made with Stepworks.

A documentary about an experimental writing workshop.

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A student wrote a story about a depressed and anxious mind.

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Syllable-accurate lyric videos for songs from Hamilton.

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