Stepworks are rhythmic stories you can play, create, and share.

Stories told in steps are all around us, in many different forms. Try the stepworks below, some adapted from the culture at large, and others created by artists to explore the medium’s potential.

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Open source

Stepwise, the library that powers Stepworks, is flexible, free, and open source.

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Watch a multi-channel lyric video of “Alexander Hamilton” made with Stepworks, or try performing it yourself!

Subway stops. Recipes. Your daily schedule. That melody in your head. The raw materials for new stepworks are everywhere.


Make your own stepworks! Check out the video tutorials below to get started, or visit the Create section for details.

Get an introduction to Stepworks and learn how to get started editing and creating stories.

Stepworks has music-making features built in. Learn how to use 'em.

You can use Stepworks to make interactive lyric videos to perform along with any song. Learn how.

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