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The versatility of comics.

  • Create split-screen presentations that place images, video, and your webcam side by side
  • Make visual essays, lyric videos, comics, kinetic poetry, and more with one powerful tool
  • Perform live, record and distribute, or let your audience drive
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The timing of music.

  • Every document has a base tempo
  • Trigger visuals, text, and audio with musical timing
  • A wide variety of musical instruments built in
  • Create beats with simple rhythm notation


Rich with media

  • Supports major image, audio, and video formats
  • Search for images and videos from Unsplash and GIPHY
  • Add your webcam as a video source
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch video
  • Share public links to your stories

Text made playful

  • Display text rhythmically by character, syllable, word, and more
  • Great for lyric videos
  • Supports Google Fonts

Rewards for your support

  • Become a patron and expand the capacity of your account
  • Get pre-release access to the next major version of Stepworks Studio
  • Download fun apps like Movie Theatre that you can customize with your Stepworks content

Split screen made simple

  • Forget fussy layouts — tell your media to “enter from the right” and Stepworks takes care of the rest
  • Add your webcam and change its size from step to step to match the impact you want to have

Musical at the core

  • Every document has a core tempo
  • Create beats with simple rhythm notation
  • Trigger individual notes or chord-based phrases
  • Dozens of instruments built into the app
  • Include a backing track your users can play along to

For advanced users

  • Randomize and group content with sequences that can sample and quote each other
  • Open JSON file format means you can generate Stepworks Studio documents programmatically
  • Want to use your Stepworks content in Unity? Get in touch

Made with Stepworks Studio

Screenshot from Trina


Knowledge worker Trina’s augmented eyes and fingers are owned by a military contractor — what chance is there for resistance? An original story told in still images and audio.

Play now Screenshot from Shaolin Shadowboxing Breakdown

Shaolin Shadowboxing Breakdown

RZA has repeatedly sampled classic martial arts film Shaolin vs. Lama; this explainer visualizes how and where.

Watch now
Screenshot from Timeframing


Comics taught us to write with boxes of time — now boxes of time are everywhere. A video essay with sophisticated split-screen effects, including webcam.

Watch now Screenshot from Trina

The Ring-Bearer

A visual poem about the “circles and circles, and circles” of exclusivity in Black life, inspired by Alice Randall’s book Black Bottom Saints.

Watch now


I’m currently in the early phases of designing the third major iteration of Stepworks. Here’s what I’m prioritizing:

  • Digital comics as a primary use case
  • Multi-user documents
  • Automatic saves and versioning
  • Undo

If these are features you’d like to see, consider becoming a patron to support this work!

Are there other features you’re interested in? Let me know

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