Create Stepworks

Changing Scripts

You can replace any Stepworks script with your own. Here’s how.

The “Options” button on every performance page brings up a toolbar that allows you to change its script.

“Browse scripts…” lets you pick another Stepworks script to use.

“Enter plain text…” lets you quickly create a new script just by typing in text—each line will be converted into a separate step.

“Enter Stepwise XML…” lets you paste in Stepwise XML you’ve composed yourself, or gotten from another source, and use it as the current script.

“Load from Google Sheets…” lets you paste in the URL to a public Google Sheets document formatted in a Stepwise-friendly way and load it as a new script. This is the most flexible and powerful way to quickly author scripts, and it’s how most of the scripts on Stepworks were created. Using this approach, you can also share links that will automatically load your custom script.

Pro tip: Use the ESC key to toggle display of the options toolbar.

Open Source

Stepworks is powered by the open source library Stepwise, available on GitHub.


Check out all of the Stepworks tutorials on YouTube.

Check the video above to learn a few different ways to customize and create content in Stepworks. NOTE: The "Shows" items in the main navigation has been renamed "Now Playing" since this video was recorded.

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Stepworks has music-making features built in. Check the video above to learn how to add a sonic dimension to your storytelling.