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Stepworks created by artists or adapted from the culture at large. Using the Options button you can swap out any script with another, or with one you've created yourself.

Two Hours With You

A story about a depressed and anxious mind. Start the show »

Terra (with music)

A musical adaptation of the influential work of concrete poetry by D├ęcio Pignatari. Start the show »

The only winning move

Apocalyptic tic-tac-toe inspired by the 1983 film WarGames. Start the show »

Green Garden mantra

A poetic loop from Laura Mvula's song "Green Garden". Start the show »

Resist the policy, love the people

A protest chant. Start the show »

You don’t know me

A story in which some Americans are surprised to discover to whom they are adjacent. Start the show »

Unlimited Greatness

A transcription of Nike's Unlimited Greatness ad telling the story of Serena Williams' career. Start the show »

This is what democracy looks like

A digital protest sign you can customize. Start the show »